Did any of you make it down to The Rag Factory on Brick Lane?
We hope you enjoyed all the amazing Finnish designs on display at the Unwrapped exhibition as well as Jani Kaila's wonderful photographs,
for those of you who didn't make, here are a few of our favourite designs

The FINSK display
Julia holding Project 3 and patent red Ports
by Jatta Lavi
by Uhtua Design
by Jonas Hakaniemi
Popcorn bowl by Veera Kulju
by Nathalie Lahdenmäki

vases by Anu Penttinen

by Aki Chokolat

by Maria Jauhianen

by Markku Salo

by Ilkka Suppanen


"Mini buildings for the feet"

These shoes look more like architecture on a sole, but that’s probably why Lady Gaga’s a fan. Designer Julia Lundsten’s brand, FINSK, which is looking to make an entry into India, has been making waves at the London Fashion Week, and is high on the Born this way… hitmaker’s list of fashion favourites. 

Lundsten says, “I was always fascinated by the technical side of shoes, and I’d study them for hours to see how one is made.” Having architect parents helped shape Lundsten’s gravity-defying pieces, and she says, “The world is full of beautiful shoes, and I didn’t want to repeat that. I approach my shoes as mini buildings for the feet.”

Ask her about the Lady Gaga association and she says, “I knew she’d worn them before, but we received a call that Lady Gaga would like three pairs of the classic FINSK wedges. She also loved the Project 3 shoes, so we made her a pair.” And despite their stratospheric heights, Lundsten believes in the comfort quotient of her shoes, saying, “Even the more unconventional heel shapes are built around very comfortable lasts (shoe forms) which make them wearable.”


More London Fashion Weekend snaps

We had a great time at LFWD this year, thanks to everyone who stopped by!


London Fashion Weekend: day 1

Phew! Things are already in full swing over at Somerset House, do come down and join us this weekend if you can, we would love to meet you all!